Pricing Plans


Starter Server

High performance game-server for you and your friends.


per Month

Premium Server

The ideal solution for more than just a couple of friends.


per Month

Enterprise Server

Best choice for everyone who's hosting big, public game-servers.


per Month

Cloud Hosting

The High performance cloud platform ever


  • Integration
  • Powerful Servers
  • Fast & Unlimited Bandwith

Best Service


Fast Bandwith

Gaming without any interruptions thanks to our fast Bandwith.

Multiplayer Ready

Excellent servers for hosting huge game-servers for a lot of players.

Fast Hardware

Instant setup, quick installs and rapid restarts thanks to our fast hardware.

Easy Backups

Easily create backups using our web interface.

Mod Installer

Install all available mods on with just a single click.

Web Interface

Easily control and manage your server through our web interface.

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Mods installed with just a click!

With our unique, and official bridge between our game-servers and you’ll be able to install any mod that is available with just a click.
  • Integration is completely free for our customers.
  • Easily install and configure any mods you like.

Powerful Servers

High Quality Servers & Service

Only the best components will be used in our game-servers. Paired with an Control Panel that's easy to use.

Fast Connection

Our servers come with a 1000 Mbit/s connection to provide a low ping and flawless gameplay.

Stable & Reliable

Every server is optimized to run 24/7 without any issues to ensure a stable and reliable connection for your players.